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Department of Economics


Economics Faculty Departmental Meeting

Economics Faculty Departmental meeting was held on 6th February, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. in TRC-1.
Dr. Azam Chaudhry, Professor & Dean, Faculty of Economics discussed the proposed MS Programs.

Ms. Ramsha Noor, presented her MPhil research (abstract given below).

Topic: The Effect of Education on Community Participation of Women

Ramsha Noor (Candidate for MPhil in Economics)

Literature highlights education as a primary determinant of empowerment. However, the concept of empowerment is ambiguous and has varied across individuals and communities. Social interaction results in empowerment by improving information sharing, lowering barriers, improving collective action social recognition, reduction in selfpreoccupation and socio emotional support. Pakistan is an interesting context to study social power of women as they tend to experience isolation and subordination by as a result of strict rules of patriarchal culture. This study intends to estimate the effect of educational attainment on women’s empowerment measured through their community participation on three different social levels (1) Family members (2) Friends and Neighbourhood (3) People of authority. However, the relationship between education and community participation faces a problem of endogeneity so an instrumental variable (IV) approach is proposed. Politician’s gender is used as a source of exogenous variation to measure the effect of education attainment on community participation. We make use of a unique district level data set for the year 2017-2018 collected by the Punjab Bureau of Statistics (BOS) in collaboration with Pakistan Commission Statistics for Women (PCSW).

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