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Economics Department Major Collaborations

Abdullah Sajjad, Khawaja Humail Mueen Koreja and Meenal Qadir Khan are among the students who participated in the study tour hosted by the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. These students were accompanied by Ms. Ayesha Khaled, Assistant Registrar, External Relations, Lahore School of Economics.

Warwick University, UK hosts PhD Scholars from the Lahore School of Economics

Students enrolled in the PhD Economics at the Lahore School of Economics had the opportunity to go on a student exchange program to Warwick University, UK. Ms. Nida Jamil and Ms. Rabia Arif, were the first PhD scholars from the Lahore School of Economics to visit Warwick University for a month in March, 2016. These students were guided and supervised by Professor Rocco Macchiavello and had the opportunity to attend lectures of top economists including Christopher Woodruff. The visiting students also received research guidance on their PhD proposals to refine their research ideas.

PhD students of the Lahore School visit Oxford University, UK

The Lahore School of Economics has an ongoing arrangement with Oxford University, UK for an exchange of students enrolled in the PhD in Economics. Two PhD Economics students, Ms. Rabia Ikram, Assistant Professor & Research Scholar at the Lahore School of Economics, and Ms. Farah Said, Assistant Professor & Research Fellow at CREB, visited Oxford University, UK under this program in January, 2016. During the one month stay, the visiting scholars interacted with a variety of researchers including Karlijn Morinsk (post-doctoral student at Oxford) Stefano Caria (lecturer at the University of Oxford), Rocco Macchiavello (University of Warwick) and Anandi Mani (University of Warwick). They also attended graduate seminars at the University of Oxford.

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