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Hamna Ahmed, Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Economics & Business (CREB) presented her paper on "Group Decision-Making: Evidence from a framed field experiment with community organisations in Pakistan" at the annual conference of Center for the study of African Economies (CSAE), at the University of Oxford in March 2018.

Dr. Ahmed's paper aims to understand the process of collective decision-making within community development organisations in rural Pakistan. She investigates how individual preferences of members running community organisations aggregate into group preferences. She also examines the role of intrinsic characteristics (such as their gender, socio-economic status, position within the organization etc.) in determining whether member's individual preferences are represented or ignored in group preferences. These results are based on a framed field experiment that was conducted with community organisations in which their managers made organisational budget choices first individually, and then collectively after face-to-face deliberation. This data was collected as part of a baseline survey conducted in 2014, for an ongoing National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project "Institutional capacity as an organizational challenge: a field experiment in Pakistan" jointly led lead by researchers from University of Oxford (UK), Duke University (USA) and University of New South Wales (Australia).

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