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Farah Said, Assistant Professor and Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Economics and Business (CREB), Lahore School of Economics, attended the CSAE Conference 2018: Economic Development in Africa' on 18-20th March 2018 at the University of Oxford, UK and the 'Royal Economic Society' on 26-28 March 2018 at the University of Sussex, UK.

Both conferences gather an esteemed group of researchers that are involved in innovative research. The CSAE conference has been organized annually since 1997 by Centre for Studies in African Economies based at the University of Oxford. Originally focusing on the development aspects of Africa, over the last five years it has expanded its focus to cover issues of development economics from around the world. The year, the conference featured keynote lectures by Rachel Glennerster (JPal and DFID) and Michel Kremer (Harvard).

The prestigious annual RES conference has been inviting economists from different backgrounds and specialties since 2001. This year, the conference was organized by a renowned team of economists at the University of Sussex this year and hosted talks by Maristella Botticini (Bocconi), Dave Donaldson (MIT) and Andrew Chesher (UCL and Cemmap).

Each conference consisted of parallel sessions over three days, covering all aspects of impact evaluation, including findings, design, methods and translation of evidence into policy. Ms. Said was able to present her work, "Microfinance for Startups: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan", co-authored with Dr Azam Chaudhry (Lahore School), Mahreen Mahmud (Oxford), Giovanna d'Adda (University of Milan). Her work was well received by the attendees and is a good example of rigorous research being carried out by researchers at the Lahore School.

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