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Department of Economics


Anum Ellahi

Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics
Research Interests

Microeconomics, Theoretical Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Economics of Corruption, Growth and Economic Development, and Political Economy


Introductory Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Pakistan Studies, Financial Statement Analysis


Asif, M. & Ellahi, A. (2016) Correlates of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: The Regional Dimension. The Lahore Journal of Economics, Vol 21. 193.

Ongoing Projects

  • Theoretical research paper on Corruption, Tax Evasion and Economic Growth in economies with Hierarchical Tax Administrative System.
  • Looking at the supply of loans and industrial growth since free trade agreement with china (2006) and the CPEC introduction and its impact on the growth in Pakistan sectors.
  • Impact of carbon dioxide emissions and growth on the Kuznets curve.

Conferences Attended

Lahore School Annual Conferences on the Management of Pakistan Economy

Degrees :
M.Phil. in Economics, Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan
B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics and Finance, Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan

Email :
Tel : +92-42-36561230 Ext. 258
Office : H2-2

Recent News : Supervising M.Phil. Thesis

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